Government agencies have unique needs for wireless technology and communications to complete their missions. More than land mobile radio (LMR), they want new emerging technologies. More than public safety, they include public transit and other public services.

Their unique needs are best met by GWTCA with expertise in these technologies and a focus on these users.

Both first responders and commercial users have trade and industry association “champions” soley focused on their needs. GWTCA focuses on public transit and other public service wireless technology and communications users, to be their voice and focus on solutions for their unique needs.  But at the same time, as a broad-based organizatio, we don’t forget about public safety.  Thus, GWTCA’s efforts focus on all things wireless for its government user members, from LMR to FirstNet, from Positive Train Control (PTC) to microwave, from tower siting to smart cities.

Our Mission

With passion, expertise and persistence, we:

Advocate those policies important to our members and work within all wireless technology and communications communities to support and encourage their adoption by regulatory bodies.

Promote the advancement of wireless technology and communications as an effective means for Public Transit, other Public Service and Public Safety agencies to complete their missions.

Ensure access to spectrum for all wireless technologies, in all bands and modes of operation, while balancing the needs of the Public Transit, other Public Service, Public Safety and the Business/Industrial communities.

Collaborate with all stakeholders, including government agencies, non-government agencies, vendors and trade associations, to enable the smooth integration of legacy and emerging wireless technologies.

Educate all interested parties about the benefits of emerging technologies, their need for access to wireless spectrum and interaction with the competing pressures for that spectrum.

Provide our members a resource directory of technical service providers for the design, deployment and operation of private wireless communications systems.

Encourage all wireless technology and communications stakeholders to join GWTCA and help us accomplish this good work.