Many government wireless users operate in both the Public Safety and the Business/Industrial spectrum.

GWTCA has expertise in both areas of spectrum to augment the advocacy of trade associations that focus on one particular spectrum segment i.e. Public Safety or Business/Industrial.

Many Frequency Coordinators don’t advocate for their constituencies as they did in the past. Some have eliminated their spectrum management committees.

Government “non-first responders” have no dedicated advocate “champion.”

GWTCA conducts extensive advocacy before the FCC with technical expertise on the wireless issues important to this group of users, balancing the needs of both the Public Safety and Business/Industrial spectrum.

Actions / Filings

GWTCA Reply Comments On 4.9 GHz NPRM, Filed Jointly With San Bernardino County And The City Of Denver

GWTCA Supports LMCC Request To Ease T-Band Freeze

FCC Docket No. 16-191 – TAC Noise Floor Technical Inquiry

FCC Docket No. 16-240 – Amendments to Harmonize and Streamline Part 20

FCC Docket No. 99-87 – Waiver of 6.25 kHz Equipment Requirement

FCC Docket No. 16-261 – Eligibility for 800 MHz Expansion Band and Guard Band Frequencies

FCC Docket No. 16-261 – GWTCA Again Asks For FCC Action On 800 MHz Expansion Band And Guard Band Frequencies

FCC Docket No. 16-421 – Small Cell Deployments

GWTCA On Small Cell Deployments

Reference Documents

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