The leaders of GWTCA are well-known and established government professionals and industry leaders. They have a wide range of extensive experience and knowledge of both legacy and emerging technologies. With a deep understanding of government user applications, they are well equipped to guide GWTCA and represent our members.

Board of Directors

Arnold Hooper – Department of Public Safety, State of Tennessee

John Geiger, Esquire – Internal Services Department, Los Angeles, California

Kyle Connor – Global Transportation Industry Principal, Cisco Systems

Dan Deveson – Partner, Cooper General Corporation

Andrew Maxymillian – Principal Consultant, Blue Wing Services, Inc.

Dr. William “Vic” Maconachy – Vice President for Academic Affairs/Chief Academic Officer, Capitol Technology University

Denis Marin – Seasoned and Skilled Industry Professional

Andrew Seybold – CEO /Principal Analyst, Andrew Seybold, Inc.

Dr. Curtis KS Levinson – Levinson & Daughters, LLC

Randy Brooks – Senior Account Manager, State of California Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Mike Newburn – Communications Technology Manager, Department of Information Technology, County of Fairfax, Virginia


Andrew Maxymillian, President

Andy Seybold, Vice President

Tricia Russo, Treasurer

Alan Tilles, Corporate Counsel