The leaders of GWTCA are well-known and established government professionals and industry leaders. They have a wide range of extensive experience and knowledge of both legacy and emerging technologies. With a deep understanding of government user applications, they are well equipped to guide GWTCA and represent our members.

Board of Directors

Arnold HooperDepartment of Public Safety, State of Tennessee Arnold Hooper

John L. GeigerPrincipal Deputy General Counsel, Los Angeles County, California John Geiger

Kyle ConnorGlobal Transportation Industry Principal, Cisco Systems Kyle

Tim TragerInternal Services Department, San Bernardino County, California Tim

Dan DevesonPartner, Cooper General Corporation Dan

Andrew Maxymillian – Principal Consultant, Blue Wing Services, Inc. Andy Max

Andrew Seybold – CEO /Principal Analyst, Andrew Seybold, Inc. andy seybold

Chris Baker, P.E.FirstNet Authority Chris Baker

Ira Grossman – Public Safety Consulting, LLC Ira Grossman

Randy BrooksThe Brooks Solution


Andrew Maxymillian, President

Andy Seybold, Vice President

Kyle Connor, Secretary

Alan S. Tilles, Corporate Counsel