Get Involved with GWTCA


Those engaged in public service and public transit telecommunications must take an active role to ensure adequate representation and action taken consistent with needs.

As a member-driven association, our goal is for a significant number of board members to come from public service and public transit agencies. You can help us form advocacy positions that will impact wireless policy for years to come by expressing interest in membership and providing nominations of member candidates.

If you have a candidate in mind or are interested yourself, let us know and we will send you a member package.  Contact GWTCA President Andy Maxymillian at

Benefits of Membership

    • Advocacy for the issues that affect you.  Let us know what you care about!
    • Public relations – advertising, education, and publishing opportunities
    • Collaboration – conferences, networking, webinars, classes and educational materials
    • E-mails with news about the activities of the association and industry news.  We don’t clutter your in-box.  Rather, we send you e-mails when there’s an item of importance to the organization’s members.  Follow us on Twitter for daily updates
    • Discounts on attendance fees for events with which we have partnership agreements

Membership Application

Contact GWTCA Treasurer Julie Maiello at